A lesson from a man who cheated on his wife

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

I recently watched a Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The man achieved great success in the domains of bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics.

Becoming a champion athlete, blockbuster actor, and twice-elected governor of California, the man really epitomized success.

His secret?

He says he was always good at clearly envisioning what he wanted his life to look like.

Then, he reverse-engineered a plan to make that vision become a reality, stopping at nothing until he achieved his goals.

Yet, despite all his fame, money, and success, he also had great failure.

Like having an affair with his housekeeper (with whom he had a son), which caused great family strain and ultimately his divorce from his wife.

But what I find so inspiring about Arnold is that he didn’t let that mistake define him.

The same tenacity that brought him from a small farming town in Austria, to global victories and successes, is what fueled him to look past his mistakes and keep striving for the next thing.

He didn’t shrink back or give up.

Just like when in his early days of bodybuilding, he didn’t let a second place trophy define him or defuse him; it only drove him to work even harder so that the following year he could take the first place trophy.

That is the lesson for the entrepreneur, for the creator, for the business owner who sees his vision so clearly he will stop at nothing until he has it.

Fact is, in life, you will have setbacks and failures.

Both personal, and in your business.

You will make mistakes, and those mistakes may sting for a bit.

These mistakes may have to do with bad financial investments, bad business partnerships, or costly legal mistakes.

But when you reflect, correct, then execute with tenacity, you are almost guaranteed to find success.

And it helps to not go it alone.

It helps to have a partner by your side, machete in hand, helping you blaze the trail to create the vision you’ve created for your life and for your business.

That’s how I see my role – as your “in-house attorney” – who doesn’t break your bank account, but who can help you make real progress when the going gets tough.

When you have an important question, when you’re stricken with indecision, when a Google search just ain’t cuttin’ it, I’m here for my clients to help them pave the way.

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