An often overlooked way to become wealthy

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

There are really only three sources of wealth.

And to become a wealthy man, you need to be cultivating all three.

And all three are intimately related – a threesome of wealth, if you will.

Time and money get the most hype.

But the third, and equally important source of wealth, is people.

Let’s take a look at the menage a trois of wealth in action:

If you’re making bank, but working crazy hours with no time to enjoy it, that’s ok for a little while.

But if you do that forever, you’ll wake up one day as a seventy year old man, take a look at your life, and see that you didn’t really enjoy that many experiences during the prime years of this one, precious life you have.

And you might also look around at your large, empty house, and lament the fact that you didn’t pay more attention to your wife before she left you, or spend enough time with your kids to form a strong attachment to them.

On the flipside, if you spent all day with your kids but never put your hands to hard work to earn good money, you would never be able to house them, protect them, or provide enriching experiences for them.

Time spent well – working, thinking, selling, reading, researching, refining – will bring good money.

Good money will buy you more time.

More time will allow you to spend it with your family and friends having fun and doing things you love to do with them.

Good, meaningful, and supporting relationships will help you produce better work.

And round and round it goes.

But people.

Men are often psychotic sociopaths who overlook the value of good relationships.

Good people bring emotional support, accountability, referrals to your business, and knowledge or experience you lack.

And bad people – the bloodsucking clients, psycho wives/ girlfriends, “friends” who really only bring you down and make your life more miserable – these relationships need to be either healed and repaired, or hasta la vista baby.

Bad people are like that free paramount+ subscription you signed up for on Amazon to get a free movie but then forgot about, only to discover months later you’ve been paying $8.99/ month for something you never really wanted.

They are a constant dripping on your forehead, month after month, weakening you, distracting you, and ultimately thwarting you from becoming wealthy.

You need to cancel those damn subscriptions that are taking money, time, and emotional sanity away from you.

And start signing up for, committing to, and nurturing all of the things that pour more time, money, and support back into your life.

Especially the people.

Paul Denni

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