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POA – Power of Attorney | Get it Done Quickly, for the Right Situation

What is a “POA” – Power of Attorney? A POA allows you to delegate legal decision-making to another person. It is an extremely flexible, and …


51 days to make something happen

Life is short man. And if you’re looking back on the year, and fed up with yourself for not accomplishing something you’d hoped to make …

affordable living trust

Mo Money, Mo Possibilities

Biggie, Mase, Puff Daddy, they had it all wrong. The only problem more money brings, far as I can tell from my humble vantage point, …


Disneyland Injury Attorney | Learn About Accidents at Disneyland | 949-973-6478

A Disneyland injury attorney can help when the unexpected happens at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Below, you can read about accidents that have happened at …


Trust Transfer Deed – How to Put Real Estate into a Trust

What is a Trust Transfer Deed and Why Should I Care? A trust transfer deed is a special type of deed. A deed is a …

affordable living trustcajonesgoals

Here’s a tip to help you finally reach that ever-elusive goal

You’ve had a goal in mind for a while, but you still haven’t taken action to achieve it. Your mind races. You think about the …

creativityvideo games

The secrets behind creating stuff people grow to love with rabid devotion

I recently discovered a little gem of a documentary on the origin of video games as we know and love ’em. If this kind of …

affordable living trustmoms

When your mom is too cool to hang out with you

Mom and I have had an…interesting relationship, let’s say. Over the years, there’s been periods when we haven’t spoken, spoken too much, or spoken too …


The most important thing to focus on to reach your goals

What matters most for reaching your goals? Is it your bank account balance at the end of the month? Nope. The clients you acquired, the …

affordable living trust

On Being Yourself

Sometimes the universe throws a little somethin’ your way. Like a pattern. A couple days ago in fact, this happened to your old pal, p-denni. …


Get more business momentum

I preach and shout about the power of attention, only because I realize its delicious effects in my own life. The personality tests I’ve taken …


How to pay attention to stuff that matters

Your attention is worth billions of dollars to the corporations eager to spend money to buy access to your precious little mind. Yet, we inadvertently …

lettersold school

An old school way to create new opportunity

In today’s instant world, we miss out on certain things. Certain things we forget we ever had. Things that became lost simply because they were …

changeestate plan

How even positive changes can create problems – CA Estate Plan

While reading a book today about marketing, I discovered something new about the brain. I already knew the brain has one compartment that can make …

affordable living trustcalifornia

Affordable Living Trust – Don’t Break the Bank On Your CA Living Trust

Avoid Lawyers Who Charge Too Much for a California Living Trust Lawyers used to charge an arm and a leg for estate plans (and some …


Girl on youtube schools p-denni

Over the weekend, this girl on youtube delivered me some luscious tips on decluttering. I fast forwarded the parts about how to consolidate your nail …

affordable living trustdaughtersmoney

My top 3 books on money

Just got off of Facetime with my daughter, who lives with her mom in CA. She decided she’d show me her entire sticker collection (took …


I don’t wanna hear the lamentations of your women about their California Living Trust

I like re-watching movies from the 80’s (all the movies I used to watch as a kid) because they are funny in accidental ways. Either …

estate planprogress

Stop Stopping Yourself from Making Progress on Your California Estate Plan

Progress is a wiggly animal. We want to make big progress, a lot of progress, fast progress. We want to make progress on a variety …

creativityrick rubin

How to Summon the Power of Creativity

Sometimes you hear a song that captures and expresses your exact mood. Or you read something that perfectly crystalizes your nebulous thoughts and brings clarity …

disneylittle mermaidworld building

Getting wet with the Little Mermaid

Last night, the wifey and I watched the Little Mermaid. You know, the new one that recently came out on Disney+. Fun fact: I was …


How working out and wealth-building are related

A few months back, I stopped going to the gym. Reason being, I read Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs” and realized I …

affordable living trustweather

And I feel, so much depends on the weather

After waiting at the airport for about 4 hours yesterday to fly from OC back to Vegas, my flight eventually got cancelled anyway. And with …

affordable living trust

Cheesy Shark Movie Explains Need for California Living Trust

Last night I watched a movie after my wife went to bed early – “The Reef” – a shark movie made a decade ago based …

powerpower of attorney

California Power of Attorney: The secret power you’ve probably overlooked

Power at its core is the ability to influence others. And if I asked you who you think “holds power” you may think of wealthy …

affordable living trustkids

I’m gon git you…California Living Trust

I play this game with my daughter, and I tell her “I’m gon git you!” and I chase her around the house. She laughs hysterically …

old manwriting desk

An old man at his writing desk

I’ve been thinking lately… About contradictory “business advice.” Like, on the one hand, you need to envision your outcomes, your ideal life, and work backward …


People are your fodder

I don’t promote cannibalism. But people everywhere, including your friends, family, auto-mechanic, strangers, pest control man, celebrities, neighbors, teachers, beggars, comedians – they are all …


Understanding the Wealth Tree

Wealth is like a tree. Like the tree in your yard. It can grow and thrive and produce fruit, in turn giving you life and …


An often overlooked way to become wealthy

There are really only three sources of wealth. And to become a wealthy man, you need to be cultivating all three. And all three are …

el guapothreshold guardian

Solve this one problem and you’ve solved them all

There is this concept in storytelling nerdom called the “threshold guardian.” Basically, it’s an obstacle that gets in the hero’s way of adventure. A threshold …


Remember the simple path to success

Success, though defined differently for each man, is comprised of the same two ingredients. How can you expect to be successful unless you are intimately …


On becoming great in a world that doesn’t care

The world doesn’t really care about you while you’re quietly working away in your own corner of the world, building something new. Until all of …


The land is fertile beneath your feet

Opportunity doesn’t seem to be the problem these days. The world is rife with it. Especially with technology, which allows anyone with an internet connection …


Keep your vessel afloat

It’s been a while since I read the Bible, but I still remember Jesus always talked about people as being “vessels.” Vessel can mean a …


The story behind more money in your pocket

Humans are suckers for a good story. Fiction, biographies, movies, Netflix documentaries… People gobble this stuff up. Why? Sure, there is a distraction element to …


How to find motivation by finding this first

If you’re wondering how to find motivation, you may be focusing on the wrong thing. Those who find success, and who find it quickly, are …


Don’t let these ghosts haunt you, get an Orange County Expungement

For some reason, men are better than women at breaking the law. It’s a gift we’ve been endowed with by our creator. Probably has something …


This is why your dreams don’t come true

I assume you have a dream, a vision. If you don’t have a dream or a vision for your future, that’s another issue for another …


A simple wealth-building formula you can implement today

I’ve read a lot of books about wealth. I’ve met a lot of wealthy people. I, myself, am becoming more and more wealthy with each …

coen brotherscormac mccarthy

Don’t flip the coin on your future

My wife and I like to watch movies at night. Last night we started watching No Country for Old Men. I’m a fan of Cormac …


Doing this will help you feel less frantic and stressed

I hate, hate, hate feeling frantic. Like when my thoughts are racing and my mind jumps from one worry to the next, without solving any …


How to avoid burnout and become more effective

I was part owner of a software business for attorneys for about 10 years. I knew our market (attorneys), my partner knew software, and together …


How to bring simplicity back to your finances

If you’re worried about money, you’re not alone. Financial worry is one of the most common worries of all humans. Let alone, entrepreneurs who are …


The tiny vampires I’ve invited in

They will suck mercilessly from me my sleep, my time, attention, and my money. They are emotional tyrants, constantly pulling on my heart strings. They …


Here’s what I did to grow my income by 10%

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new and better ways to make money. Because I have the old school belief that a man should …


Why Drake don’t take naps

Drake says in one of his lyrics: “I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached, to go and do that.” I …

businessroller coaster

How to enjoy the ride in business

Being in business for yourself is a roller coaster in every aspect: emotional, psychological, financial. It takes real balls to be in business for yourself, …