California Power of Attorney: The secret power you’ve probably overlooked

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Power at its core is the ability to influence others.

And if I asked you who you think “holds power” you may think of wealthy people, famous people, or politicians.

And certainly those types of people all carry influence, and power.

But what about your own power and influence?

Even if you have wealth, status, or celebrity – these sources of power can be lost.

Even when you do all you can to keep it.

And as an estate planning attorney, I’m actually in the business of helping people find ways to preserve their wealth.

But even power gained from sustained wealth will only take you so far, if your personality sucks, or if you’re a douchebag, for example.

Just ask yourself how far you’ll go for money, and you’ll see what I mean.

There are just certain things you won’t do for money, there’s a line drawn somewhere.

Thus, the wealthy only will have influence over you up to a point.

Same goes for celebrity, which is quickly lost, even if attained briefly by a “lucky” few.

Same goes for status, political appointment, etc.

All these types of power have no staying power.

But there is a power you possess that cannot be taken away or lost, that you have likely overlooked.

And by this I mean, your uniqueness.

Your voice, your perspective, your location, your experience – all of this can be used to influence your kids, clients, family, community, your cause – whatever or whoever you want to influence can be best maneuvered when you double down on your own uniqueness.

Not everyone will like you, and that’s fine and normal.

Do you like everyone you meet?

Hell no.

But that doesn’t matter.

Your family, your community, your audience, your customers – they are who matters.

And they only want you.

I have clients who are far wealthier, smarter, experienced, and better looking than me, yet, they only want to do business with me.


Not because I’m anything special, but just because it’s me.

And I likewise have people – friends, colleagues, my wife – who I am simply magnetized to.

Point is: think about your uniqueness; double down on it, flesh it out, ruminate upon it.

Magnify yourself to your fullest extent, not as a megalomaniac, but in service to others.

And discover your magnificent power.

Paul Denni

P.S. If you’d like to prepare for situations in which you need to delegate your power, consider this:

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