The most important thing to focus on to reach your goals

What matters most for reaching your goals? Is it your bank account balance at the end of the month? Nope. The clients you acquired, the money you saved, the real estate you bought? Nope, nope, nope. As Chris McChesney points out in “The 4 Disciplines of Execution”, one of my favorite business books, a factor […]

How to avoid burnout and become more effective

I was part owner of a software business for attorneys for about 10 years. I knew our market (attorneys), my partner knew software, and together we created a cool little business that helped attorneys find a “special appearance attorney” to cover court appearances that conflicted with the attorney of record’s schedule. The business was profitable […]

The tiny vampires I’ve invited in

They will suck mercilessly from me my sleep, my time, attention, and my money. They are emotional tyrants, constantly pulling on my heart strings. They will utilize every opportunity to make me feel guilty to achieve their own ends. My kids, they are tiny vampires. But true to vampire lore, once bitten, you discover you’re […]

Here’s what I did to grow my income by 10%

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new and better ways to make money. Because I have the old school belief that a man should take care of his family – with his money, his time, and his attention. So that’s why I decided to move my family from California to Nevada last year, to […]

Why Drake don’t take naps

Drake says in one of his lyrics: “I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached, to go and do that.” I like Drake and get the point of rap lyircs and bravado and all that. And I doubt Drake actually never takes naps (remember that other song where he did half […]

How to enjoy the ride in business

Being in business for yourself is a roller coaster in every aspect: emotional, psychological, financial. It takes real balls to be in business for yourself, what with cash flow issues, product/ service issues, people/ customer/ client problems, legal problems. Since I first went into business for myself when I started my own law firm back […]

When your googly eyes get a little short-sighted

I love the internet and technology. For most things. I love to learn, and nowadays you can learn a lot of things on the internet for free. But if you’re not trying to learn stuff like how to change your car oil yourself or find out whether aliens really do exist, Youtube will cut you […]

You cannot squeeze this from my loins

On Sunday, I celebrated father’s day with my kids just by hanging out in the living room, eating food, and watching stupid videos together. I’m happy dads get a day of recognition too, like the moms do. I think moms as a group are overrated and get a heavy-handed dose of praise, since dads are […]

Keep your passion, but do this first

There are fewer hotly debated mantras amongst creators than: “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” It’s catchy, and it’s persuasive, particularly for the guy who is passionate about his art, his business, or his craft. And it’s an attractive concept for the guy who desperately wants, more than anything, to make money […]

A lesson from a man who cheated on his wife

I recently watched a Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man achieved great success in the domains of bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics. Becoming a champion athlete, blockbuster actor, and twice-elected governor of California, the man really epitomized success. His secret? He says he was always good at clearly envisioning what he wanted his life to […]

Take this nutty business guru’s advice on time management

I’ve been reading No B.S. Time Management by Dan Kennedy, and the guy is a bit nutty in his practices. Like if you want to contact him, you have to do so by fax, and you have to clearly explain your purpose before he will agree to speak with you. He does this intentionally to […]

What your business can learn from a woman’s body

A couple days ago, my wife gave birth to our fourth daughter. No, we will not be trying for a boy. That’s too many rugrats. But anyway, after a woman gives birth, the pain doesn’t really stop there. The uterus continues to contract, similar to labor pains, in order to shrink back to its pre-baby-invasion […]