Estate Planning Lawyer | Not Just for Aging Multi-Millionaires

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do? An estate planning lawyer serves more than just the elderly and uber-wealthy. In fact, an estate planning attorney is necessary and valuable for most “average” individuals and families who want to take some simple actions today in order to prevent a huge headache later. Whether you have a […]

Irrevocable Trust – Get the Most Out of Your Estate Plan

What is a Trust? To understand an irrevocable trust, it helps to understand what a trust is in general. A trust is a legal arrangement where a person (the grantor) transfers property to another (the trustee) for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary). There are many different classifications of trusts, depending on when […]

Trust Transfer Deed – How to Put Real Estate into a Trust

What is a Trust Transfer Deed? A trust transfer deed is a special type of deed. A deed is a legal instrument that transfers title of real estate, often from one person to another. The trust transfer deed is a special type of deed that transfers title of real estate from an individual person into […]

Pour Over Will

How a Pour Over Will Can Save the Day A pour over will is a “mini-will” that can help you save valuable time and money after you have passed away. The pour over will works hand-in-hand with your revocable trust. Generally speaking, you want to set up a revocable trust instead of a will to […]

Revocable Trust – How to Save Time, Money, and Protect Your Privacy

What is a Revocable Trust? A revocable trust is created when a grantor transfers assets to a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary. The main purpose of a revocable trust is to transfer your assets to your loved ones, a charity, or any beneficiary of your choosing. It’s tempting to procrastinate thinking about end […]

Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer – Affordable & Professional

What Does an Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer Do? An Orange County estate planning lawyer will help you manage important aspects of your estate. The term “estate” means all of your assets, which includes the businesses you own, the cash in your bank accounts, stocks, real estate, jewelry, and anything else you own. As an […]

Notarized Power of Attorney – Fast, Easy, Affordable

When you suddenly realize you need a notarized power of attorney, you’ll likely need it done fairly quickly. We can have the document ready for you to sign and notarize today. Just call us at 888-250-8450 or use the Get Power of Attorney button below. Do I Need a Notarized Power of Attorney? A power […]

HIPAA Release Form – Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Guessing

Why Would Your Loved Ones Need a HIPAA Release Form? In the future, it may become very important for your loved ones to have access to your medical information, and the HIPAA release form allows them access to this information. In the unfortunate event you become unconscious or otherwise incapacitated and unable to communicate with […]

Advance Healthcare Directive – 5 Simple Steps

The Advance Healthcare Directive is a legal instrument in California which allows you to appoint an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so for yourself. Some states in the U.S. refer to this as your “medical power of attorney.” California’s Advance Healthcare Directive breaks down […]