Accident Lawyer Anaheim

If you were involved in an accident in or around the city of Anaheim, CA, in some cases your situation can be greatly improved with the assistance of an Anaheim accident lawyer. This article mainly concerns auto accidents, but at Denni Law, we also provide legal representation for other types of accidents, including those listed […]

Wrongful Death: Receive Compensation After the Loss of a Loved One

In a wrongful death lawsuit, you can recover money from a person or business who acted wrongfully or negligently, which caused the death of someone close to you. There is perhaps no greater pain in this life than losing a loved one. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the […]

Burn Injury Lawyer – Get Compensated for Your Burn Injuries

A burn injury lawyer can help you get compensated for the medical bills, pain, suffering, and other consequences you have suffered due to your burn injury. For immediate help, call us at 949-973-6478. Can a Burn Injury Lawyer Help Me? Receiving a burn injury can be an extremely painful and stressful incident to cope with. […]

Car Accident Lawyers – Don’t Settle for Less than You Deserve

Denni Law, Inc. has a skilled team of car accident lawyers ready to help you recover from injuries received in a car accident. For immediate help, call us at 949-973-6478. You can also learn more about recovering from a car accident injury below. How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You Recover We Understand the Pain […]

Dog Bite Attorney

A dog bite attorney can help those who have been bitten by a dog recover money for their injuries. A dog bite can be an extremely traumatizing experience and cause ongoing pain and suffering. If you have been bitten by a dog in California, dog bite lawyer Paul Denni explains the rights you have, and […]

Medical Negligence Attorney – Help for Hospital or Doctor Injuries

A medical negligence attorney is a lawyer you can turn to when you have received an injury due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other medical provider. Negligence is a legal concept that allows you to recover damages (money) when someone owed you a duty of care, and that person breached that duty […]