How to find motivation by finding this first

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

If you’re wondering how to find motivation, you may be focusing on the wrong thing.

Those who find success, and who find it quickly, are masters of focus.

They are relentlessly, obsessively focused on achieving one goal.

And the only way you can foster that kind of commitment to a single goal is to really, really, REALLY want it.

You need this focus and desire more than you need motivation, because with this type of focus and desire, nothing is going to stop you from doing what you need to do to achieve your goal.

The motivation is ever-present because of your never-ending desire.

Business owners and entrepreneurs classically have a variety of interests and are subject to ambition ADHD.

You may have started taking on too many projects at once, thus watering down your efforts.

I did this for years when I was working as co-owner of a software business that didn’t have my full attention or desire.

So what do you do when you have several competing wants, desires, and goals?

Welcome to the club, it’s normal.

But you still have to choose.

You must choose one goal at a time to focus on.

It’s natural to want several different things, so make a list of everything you want in life: that house, that schedule, that money – whatever it is.

Then prioritize all of your goals, according to what you want the most.

Then ruthlessly pursue that one goal, until you achieve it.

As humans we are meant to strive, and will always be setting new goals.

As new goals surface, write them down, add them to the list, and prioritize them.

But stay decisive: if you’re constantly switching priorities, you aren’t really prioritizing, you are waffling in indecision.

And in the meantime, those with more focus than you will pass you by on the race to success.

So find your goal – that goal you most desire.

And go after it like a rabid animal.

Paul Denni

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