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Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

I preach and shout about the power of attention, only because I realize its delicious effects in my own life.

The personality tests I’ve taken corroborate the observations I’ve made of my behavior over time:

I am inclined to be a creator and innovator, the mad-scientist type with a messy desk pushing the envelope to chase an intuition on how to improve upon something or find a better way of doing things.

As opposed to rule following, routine, or following systems.

Creative types of people enjoy an abundance of stimuli from multiple sources, because it serves as raw material and fuel for their work.

If you like looking at things from different angles, enjoy a variety of styles of music, or find yourself being interested in many different topics across several disciplines, you’re likely cut from the same cloth.

The negative side of this tendency/ personality type can result in lack of focus, disorganization, and failure to make progress on one goal significantly enough to reinforce its pursuit.

Over the years I’ve started and quit more things than I can count.

And it’s not all bad.

But if you’re like me in this regard, you may have also become frustrated with yourself, feeling like you haven’t made the progress or found the success you wanted or hoped for in your business or craft.

What to do?

Well, I’m not a psychologist or even one of the high and mighty gurus on Instagram or Twitter.

So I can only share what has worked for me.

And that is, you can use the power of story to craft a narrative about your life, in which you view yourself as the protagonist who crashes up against obstacles and villains, and relies on mentors, muses and allies to get you through.

My thoughts about this perspective have been greatly influenced by books like “The Writer’s Journey” (Vogler) and “Psycho-Cybernetics” (Maltz).

Once you begin to cultivate a story, and an accompanying self-image, to serve your craft, your mission, and your purpose, then things begin to change, almost magically.

You begin to find more organization as you learn to amalgamate your various pursuits into a cohesive mission you can make significant progress on, each day.

With this mental re-framing, the business and money problems you’ve encountered for years can be looked upon with fresh eyes as simply the villains and threshold guardians every hero is confronted with on his journey, which can now be met with a firm resolve to get past them at all costs.

Mundane, boring, or routine tasks, though uncomfortable or tedious, are simply a part of every hero’s journey, and must get done for ultimate success of the mission.

At the end of the day it’s about knowing yourself intimately; deciding upon a mission that fulfills your calling; and remaining steadfast in pursuit of this calling – no matter what comes – until THE END.

Paul Denni

P.S. Part of every hero’s journey includes the legacy you leave behind. To protect your legacy by creating your living trust, just hit the CONTACT PAUL button below and let me know.

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