Here’s a tip to help you finally reach that ever-elusive goal

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

You’ve had a goal in mind for a while, but you still haven’t taken action to achieve it.

Your mind races.

You think about the money.

You don’t know if you’ll be able to afford it, or if it will produce income justifying the work involved.

You think about the time.

How will you feel about yourself if you spend time working on this goal if you hit roadblocks, or even “fail”?

What if you succeeded? Sometimes that is even scarier.

You think about the work.

Are you up for the amount of work achieving this goal may require? Can you commit to that until you finish?

Whoa your horses, young cowboy (or saloon girl, as the case may be).

Uncertainty is the mother of all resistance. Or at least, its creepy uncle.

Those who blaze trails, who persist toward their ideal selves (usually entrepreneurs and creators), will beech-slap uncertainty across the face.


Because all of life is uncertain, EVEN THOUGH IT IS HUMAN NATURE TO HATE IT.

We want assurances. We want a solid plan, predictability.

But the sooner you realize you ain’t gonna get it, the sooner you become comfortable in the midst of that awkward, uncomfortable ol’ friend known as the unknown, the better chances you’ll have of staying limber and pivoting along the way toward your goal.

I’m not saying to be reckless, or to be an idiot.

But acknowledging uncertainty is part of the process of doing something new or different.

It’s what it takes to make seriously good changes, to become more like yourself but a better version of it.

When you flick uncertainty on the earlobe, and tell it to eff off, you become free.

Free to take small steps, based on the knowledge you have today.

I’m pretty sure (certain, ironically) you can make a list of the first three things you need to do to get closer to your goal.


How about just one step?

Take that one first step and watch the anxiety dissipate a little, when you realize it wasn’t all that bad.

Yes, you’re still uncertain.

So is everyone else. But by taking one step, you gain momentum. You find the strength and resolve to take just one more. And then another.

But you must proceed.

Or else, if you’re like me anyway, you’ll continue to be fed up with yourself for sensing and hunching and envisioning you could be doing a better job – for yourself, for your family, for your calling – yet lacking the cajones to do anything about it, opting instead to stay lost in that old familiar (and oddly, comfortable) mire of doubt and what-if’s and unknowns.

Screw that, we can do better.

And if you’ve been wanting to get your affordable living trust started but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, let’s make it ridiculously easy on ourselves: just hit CONTACT PAUL below and say “Paul let’s set up a call to discuss”, and I’ll get right back to you.

Paul Denni

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