Here’s what I did to grow my income by 10%

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new and better ways to make money.

Because I have the old school belief that a man should take care of his family – with his money, his time, and his attention.

So that’s why I decided to move my family from California to Nevada last year, to escape California’s crazy cost of living.

A huge part of the financial savings is taking advantage of Nevada’s tax laws, which include no state income tax.

Turns out, even though I’m a resident of Nevada, as a California attorney I have to pay California income tax on “California-sourced” income.

And I’m all for paying taxes (aka staying out of prison), but there is nothing wrong with finding new and creative ways to keep more money in my pocket and give less to the man.

In fact, as a rule entrepreneurs should always be working to find creative ways to become more profitable.

And the other day I was talking to my accountant, a real gem of a dude, about this very topic.

So that’s why I’m morphing my attorney subscription service from “legal services with business benefits” to “business services with legal benefits.”

It’s a slight modification, and I still offer all of the same features I did before – like weekly calls, unlimited email access, legal advice (on California issues only), coaching, consulting, etc.

Only now, I can legally source this income from Nevada based business activities as opposed to California based law firm activities.

And that saves me from paying about 10% of my income to California income tax.

Instant pay raise.

And this is the exact type of thing I can help you figure out in your business, through my newly named, “Wealthy Man” subscription.

I’m not an accountant, but as a licensed California attorney I can find the precise answers to most legal questions, and if there’s ambiguity on the challenge you’re wrestling with, I can help orient you to taking steps in the right direction with as minimal risk as possible.

Not to mention, all the coaching, consulting, and specifically-tailored articles I am creating exclusively for subscribers.

To help coach and guide you into becoming the wealthy man both you and your family deserve, I can share with you all of the personal and business lessons I’ve learned over the years as an attorney, husband, and father.

But first, you’ll have to subscribe to my email list, where I give daily tips on business, money, and personal development.

You can subscribe to my email list here:

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