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Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

While reading a book today about marketing, I discovered something new about the brain.

I already knew the brain has one compartment that can make you act like a secks-crazed animal or fear for your life (e.g. the amygdala).

And that it also has a fun little compartment to help you regulate crazy thoughts and emotions from turning into actions you might later regret (e.g. the prefontal cortex).

But turns out, as neuroscientist-turned-marketer Ryan Levesque explains, when a human is confronted with notable changes to the status quo, the animal brain is activated.

Whether the change is positive or negative!

And he brought this up to illustrate the point that to influence or motivate another person to do something – whether it’s through marketing, sales, or what have you – and even if the change will bring about positive effects in that person’s life, the brain of the person you may be trying to sway will naturally resist what you’re asking them to do because it is reverting to the animal “fight, flight, or freeze” portion of the brain.

Which is kind of scary because humans need change for progress and growth, yet our brain resists it.

But it explains why the Japanese concept of kaizen is so effectual at bringing about change, because kaizen is about continuous and gradual improvement over time, even if the improvement is so subtle you may not notice much of a difference at first.

The power of kaizen is in its subtlety.

Because when you make small and subtle changes, you can trick your brain into not freaking out or resisting changes that are necessary to implement.

Or if you want to influence the behavior of another person, keep this lesson in mind, and adjust all tactics accordingly.

And in the spirit of kaizen, you can take a very tiny, but very important step, toward buttoning down your future with an estate plan by getting my free e-book that de-mystifies the whole process.

It’s a ridiculously simple way to discover how to save time and money by making a few very important decisions now before it’s too late and it becomes much more complicated and expensive to do later.

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Paul Denni

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