How to avoid burnout and become more effective

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

I was part owner of a software business for attorneys for about 10 years.

I knew our market (attorneys), my partner knew software, and together we created a cool little business that helped attorneys find a “special appearance attorney” to cover court appearances that conflicted with the attorney of record’s schedule.

The business was profitable for over a decade.

Until it wasn’t.

When COVID hit, courthouses closed down almost all in-person court appearances, which meant there were no longer attorneys who needed a fill-in, which also meant, we were out of business.

Sure, there were things we could have done to pivot and keep the business afloat.

But my heart just wasn’t in it anymore.

There are a ton of lessons this business taught me over the years, but one of the greatest things I learned was the power of focus.

Because before the business officially closed in 2021, I had honestly become pretty burned out on it several years earlier, for the reason that I simply had too many things going on at once and was being pulled in too many directions.

I should have found a way to sell the business to my partner or to a third party long before the business came to its natural end.

But my business partner was also such a good friend, such a nice guy, and because there were also a lot of things I did enjoy about the business, I just had a lot of trouble letting it go.

But after the business closed and my schedule opened up and I had less distractions vying for my attention, I started feeling amazingly better about my life as a business owner and entrepreneur.

And if you’re also feeling burned out with a venture, partnership, business, or ambition you’ve been pursuing, don’t stay trapped in stress and overwhelm simply because of the “sunk-cost bias,” which will keep you in your rut merely for the fact that you’ve already invested so much time, energy, and ambition into your endeavor.

It’s far better to face the music now, free yourself, and re-focus so you can invest your time and energy into the projects you’re more passionate about.

Our work already takes us away from time with our wives and kids.

Why invest time away from them into something you really aren’t enjoying?

Ideally you want to focus your work on just one thing you can become a master at, that you enjoy doing, and that serves others.

And if you need help figuring out what you’re good at, or how to make what you’re good at profitable in a business that gives you more time and money to spend with your family, I can help with that.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels in frustration, and time to start focusing on the one thing you can truly kick ass at that will put money in your pocket more time with your family.

At the end of the day, it’s all about becoming a wealthy man – a man who is rich in time and money – so you can enjoy your life and take care of the ones you’re responsible for.

And I can help you, as your guide and counselor, at a very affordable rate, through my Wealthy Man subscription.

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Paul Denni

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