How to enjoy the ride in business

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Being in business for yourself is a roller coaster in every aspect: emotional, psychological, financial.

It takes real balls to be in business for yourself, what with cash flow issues, product/ service issues, people/ customer/ client problems, legal problems.

Since I first went into business for myself when I started my own law firm back in 2012, I was quickly indoctrinated into the mental and physical plights and pains of owning my own business.

Many sleepless nights.

Tons of anxiety.

Enough fears and doubts and worries to fill the minds of 10 men, it seemed.

But at some point I realized that if you get on the business roller coaster the same way you get on a ride at Magic Mountain, all tense and worried, it’s going to be a horrific ride.

To the contrary, when you embrace the ebbs and flows, the drops and turns, and give in to the ride and learn to enjoy that feeling in your stomach, it can really become quite a blast.

Because the nature of business, and of life in general – is that it is damn hard, and we aren’t always going to be “ready” or “experienced” in everything we put our hands to.

By definition, that’s what an entrepreneur does – he goes bravely into the dark and makes a way for himself, for his business, and for his family.

And no one emerges from the womb with experience. We can read and prepare, but then we have to take action, mess up, reflect, modify, and then start taking action again (Ray Dalio elucidates this process really well in his book Principles which I highly recommend).

And it is never easy.

You still feel fear. You still frozen or stuck at times, fretting and worrying about the future.

But there is hope.

When you step back and remember your days are numbered, that you only have this one life, and you begin to re-focus on the goals and dreams you have for your life and for your family, and when you think about all of the money you want to make and how that will help you manifest your dreams and protect and provide for your family, suddenly, the ride becomes enjoyable again.

No one wants to freeze, to feel beat down, to feel stuck, to feel hopeless.

That’s why we need each other. We need to remember we don’t have to go this journey alone.

As a husband and father and lawyer and business owner, I understand the journey you’re on.

And I’m here to walk it with you.

So if you need support, guidance, and more confidence in your business decisions, I can help you get there with ongoing, monthly support – in weekly phone calls with you and with even specifically tailored legal research to help bring clarity to the issues that lie before you.

And I have priced it very affordably, so you don’t have to worry or stress about the money.

In fact, the value I offer could help you save thousands on unnecessary and expensive attorney fees, as well as earn more money in your ventures, that jointly should far exceed my monthly subscription fee.

If you’d like to give it a shot, you’ll have to first join my email list, where I give daily tips, encouragement, and insights into how to protect and provide for your family through creating a sustainable business.

Here’s the link to join:

Paul Denni

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