On becoming great in a world that doesn’t care

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

The world doesn’t really care about you while you’re quietly working away in your own corner of the world, building something new.

Until all of a sudden, it does.

Take for example that show in the late 80’s/ early 90’s, American Gladiators.

I used to love that show as a kid, imagining I could joust my way to freedom against those muscled opponents.

But there’s a documentary on Netflix about the show’s early days, revealing it began as really nothing more than one guy’s dream about a show called “American Gladiators,” with few other details worked out other than the title.

They shot the pilot episode with poorly paid actors clothed in costumes made of modified motorcycle gear in an equestrian center full of horse shit.

Eventually, the show caught on and the rest is history.

The thing about building something great, whether in your craft, at your job, or within your family, is that there’s usually no glory in the path itself.

It’s a bunch of fuckin hard work, and some days, there is no end in sight.

Another example: the writer Charles Bukowski.

I’m in the middle of reading On Writing, a collection of Charles Bukowski letters.

The guy was a drunk and a recluse and a womanizer.

But he was an interesting dude.

And I love his writing because it is raw, unpretentious, and it taps into that permeating magic that only a handful of writers are capable of doing.

But what strikes me is that he wrote for about 25 years, working odd jobs during the day, until he finally published his first novel Post Office which put him in the limelight.

The point?

Don’t do it for the money, or the fame.

Do it because you believe in what you’re setting your hands to, and because you believe it will – somehow, someway – serve other people.

Even American Gladiators staffed with underpaid meatheads and a bawdy alcoholic named Bukowski were capable of serving the masses, via entertainment, inspiration, etc.

Certainly, you and I can do it too.

And to get help putting your business, your art, craft, creation, or whatever it is you’re working on out into the masses, I got your back.

Paul Denni

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