On Being Yourself

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Sometimes the universe throws a little somethin’ your way.

Like a pattern.

A couple days ago in fact, this happened to your old pal, p-denni.

I was reading “The War of Art” (Pressfield) and he says, “We’re not born with unlimited choices. We can’t be anything we want to be.”

And as one inclined to dwell on our human ability to transform ourselves and surpass current limitations, these words nabbed my attention.

I wanted to disagree.

But then he said: “Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”

And those words really struck me.

The idea that growth doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle, but something that could be more attainable, effortless, and natural.

The very next day, I’m listening to this podcast and the guy says, “Stop trying to change yourself, because…you won’t, at least not fundamentally.”

He went on: “What if, instead of trying to change yourself, you simply learn to embrace your own inner strength, with full vigor, flaws and all?”

Now I was really paying attention.

And it’s hard not to feel a little magic behind these back to back messages, as if someone was really trying to drive the point home for me.

And so, do with it what you will.

Consider me just a simple messenger, in the chain of messengers, now passing this message along to you:

You’re not a mistake, you’re not an eff up, and you don’t need to become more like someone else.

And you’re not perfect either.

But let your growth and improvement be one of an internal journey to know thyself better and better each day, so you can leverage your natural strengths, talents, passions, and experiences.

As opposed to the tiresome and vain attempt to become like someone else.


Paul Denni

P.S. As you learn about yourself, and begin to crystallize your hopes for the future, I encourage you to take the first step toward creating an estate plan to get it all down in writing, so your true wishes can come to pass. To get started creating your living trust, just hit the CONTACT PAUL button below.

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