Some low-hanging fruit for your eager hands

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Confession: I tried Twitter again, sort of.

I wanted to see if I could post some stuff on there, without engaging, following, liking, retweeting, or otherwise tweet-talking with anyone else on that platform.

Just post a link, with hashtags. That’s it.

I did this for three months, with few, if any click throughs or engagement, save for the spammy whores of Twitter who liked and commented stuff like “great article! check out my cam site here!” type of stuff.

I get it, the algorithm wants you to engage, and it’s possible to take the time to learn how to “get good at Twitter.”

But my heart is simply not twitterpated enough to put forth the effort.

And so I deleted my account, and happily returned to the warmth and comfort of my social media shunning ways to focus on the things I enjoy doing.

Where I shall remain indefinitely, although I may one day fuck with Youtube, which I’ve been pondering lately.

But I tell you all this to share a solid gold nugget of wisdom:

In marketing, in business, in life, you have to brand yourself according to your unique traits and quirks.

If you don’t, your message, brand, and cause will dissipate like a misty fog into the swamps of sadness.

And if people think I’m a Christian homeschooled Luddite because I’m not on social media, so be it.

Because you can’t make commitments in life to keep up with the Joneses, or even some guy named Mr. Wilson.

You have to be yourself, which is actually the easiest thing to do – it’s the greatest piece of low-hanging fruit that can, over time, skyrocket you toward a brand and a business that leaves an impression on your clients and customers literally like no other.

It is true that to innovate, you must first appropriate.

But once you copy your mentors and your heroes, it’s then time to internalize the heart of the lessons learned, add a good ol’ dash of your unique personality to it, then put it out there.

Then it becomes yours.

That’s what the creator, the entrepreneur, the business owner striving to stand out does in order to become successful.

And if you’re feeling stuck in your marketing or in your branding, I devote a lot of my time to studying the subject, and I can offer you ongoing guidance and support in this regard.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get your paws on, you can scope out the Wealthy Man club, but you’ll first have to subscribe to my daily emails, wherein I give a lot of daily advice about branding, marketing, business, law, and other neat little things that ultimately help you become wealthy.

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