Take this nutty business guru’s advice on time management

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

I’ve been reading No B.S. Time Management by Dan Kennedy, and the guy is a bit nutty in his practices.

Like if you want to contact him, you have to do so by fax, and you have to clearly explain your purpose before he will agree to speak with you.

He does this intentionally to create a built in barrier to unsolicited people who try to reach him, so he doesn’t waste his time with people who don’t align with his mission.

And despite being a prolific publisher, Kennedy only has one assistant, whom lives on the other side of the country and whom he communicates with only once a week – by mail.

He creates these extreme rules and systems in order to minimize the number of interruptions and distractions in his life, so that he can make time for the things he deems are important, such as running his businesses and spending time on his hobby of harness racing.

The guy seems a bit off, but he does get shit done.

And like Aristotle said: “There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.”

But I don’t think you have to revert to faxes and snail mail in order to learn from the principles Kennedy lays out in his book or to become a master of time management.

You only have to ascertain the value of your time – to really, really get clear on what your time is worth per hour.

And once you realize the value of your time, you then craft your schedule, work systems, working style, and rules for your life with respect and even reverence for the value of your time.

Even at the cost of looking crazy, as the case may be.

Once you learn this type of efficiency, you’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in even just 15 minutes of time.

That’s why I set up my phone call appointments in increments of 15 minutes – no more and no less.

I feel it’s just the perfect amount of time to get to the point, make a plan, and then get to work on execution until the next meeting.

In fact, I give four 15-minute increments of my time, among other benefits, to subscribers of my in-house attorney subscription service.

It’s more than enough time for us to discuss your goals, make a plan, and allow me to do some research (if necessary) before our next call.

Also, you can save your time and let me do the work of getting your legal questions answered, so you don’t have to go effing around on Google looking for answers all day.

At $97/ month, I pack this service with a lot of value for the busy entrepreneur or business owner.

If you’d like to hire me as your own personal in-house counsel for your business, you can only get access if you’re a subscriber on my email list.

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