The land is fertile beneath your feet

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Opportunity doesn’t seem to be the problem these days.

The world is rife with it.

Especially with technology, which allows anyone with an internet connection to go into business for himself.

What does seem to be a problem, and increasingly so, is the ability to focus.

If you are on social media nowadays and it is anything like it was a couple of years ago before I banished it from my precious life (and I’m assuming it has only gotten worse), you are probably bombarded with “opportunities” to start this or that business, or invest in this or that new NFT, etc.

But if you’re not yet earning the money you’ve expected or hoped to make in your business, it isn’t likely that you need more “business opportunities” in your life.

It is likely one of focusing on the opportunities right in front of you, within your own business, and within the network you already have.

The esteemed Earl Nightingale really fleshes this out in the book Lead the Field, which I think was originally a talk he gave, and which I highly recommend you read.

Earl makes the point that to get past the stagnancy of your own business while avoiding the “grass is greener” temptation, it is immensely powerful to ask yourself a single question:

How can I be of better service?

In my own business, in my own family, in the current tasks set out before me right now, how can I be of better service?

This question empowers us to take responsibility to nurture the fertile land beneath our very feet.

And it is a very fertile plot of land indeed.

You have talent and ability within you right now that probably hasn’t been explored or fleshed out thoroughly enough – certainly not if you allow yourself to be distracted by all the new shiny objects thrown your way.

Search for the opportunities you already have sitting at your doorstep, and open yourself up to a world of possibility that the hustle-pornographers on instagram have blinded you to with their temptations of magic pills or their remedies for “instant success.”

When you ask “how can I be of better service?” you begin to engage your creativity and problem-solving skills to improve yourself and your business.

And this is the best, simplest way to start growing your wealth.

Paul Denni

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