Understanding the Wealth Tree

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Wealth is like a tree.

Like the tree in your yard.

It can grow and thrive and produce fruit, in turn giving you life and sustenance.

Or maybe you didn’t research and learn how to take care of it, or didn’t have the time, or the interest.

And thus, it withered and died, or simply didn’t put out the way you wanted it to.

A friend of mine once had an avocado tree in his backyard that didn’t put out.

It was a tall, beautiful, seemingly healthy tree, but it produced no fruit.

It stood in his yard, magnificent and beautiful, yet impotent.

But my friend did nothing to help the tree along.

He didn’t have the time, energy, or interest in getting the tree to produce. But if he had looked into it, he would have learned that the self-pollinating avocado tree is more likely to produce if it’s in close proximity to at least one other avocado tree. So he could’ve planted another tree next to it, or done any number of other things to try and fix the problem.

The tree of wealth is quite similar.

Wealth – of time, of money, of relationships – requires cultivation.

Wealth requires attention, research, trial and error, and persistent effort.

Sometimes, as with the avocado tree, it requires a community to help it grow.

And once you learn to care for the tree, once it starts producing, it gets easier to maintain as time goes on.

You learn how to care for the tree through different seasons as the weather changes.

You anticipate the changes and prepare for them.

Having someone in close proximity – a sounding board of insight and accountability to help you cultivate your wealth trees – is invaluable on your path for building wealth.

Someone who can help you take one dollar, and turn it into two, or three, or four dollars.

Like the avocado tree, being in proximity to a like-minded person can help improve production.

And as your counselor, guide, and friend – as your trusted gardener – I can help you cultivate your wealth trees a lot faster.

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