Wanted: Critical Thinking Skills Amongst Jamba Juice Employees

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Let me tell you a little story.

Every once in a while I’ll grab a protein shake for lunch because it’s easy and fast and generally satiating while still fairly low on calories.

I do this so in the evening or weekends I can still drink beer or eat cheesecake and french fries, without sacrificing my reality TV celebrity figure.

jamba juice employee
I wonder if I am as focused as this stock photo guy when I drink a protein shake.

There are various locations at which I obtain said protein shake, one of which is Jamba Juice. I don’t know if Jamba Juice is having a nationwide large cup shortage or what, but the last TWO TIMES I ordered a large pb chocolate love with whey protein at TWO DIFFERENT LOCATIONS in Orange County where I live, I was met by the same response by TWO SEPARATE Jamba Juice employees:

“Sorry, we are out of large cups.”

Each time this happened I stared back and let the awkward silence ring out for a few seconds before replying.

“Soooo, do you think you can make me whatever amounts to “a large” in that blender of yours, fill a medium-sized cup, and then put what’s left over into a small cup?”

What gets me is that these employees were trying to funnel me toward buying a smaller sized shake, thereby sacrificing a larger sale for their company, when there is a perfectly obvious solution to the perceived “problem.”

For the sake of argument, even if the cost of providing me with a medium cup + small cup is greater than the difference in profit between the large and medium shake, there is still the intangible cost of annoying your customer by telling him sorry maybe you should go somewhere else wah! we’re “out of large cups” without proactively offering an alternative solution for me to get the same damn amount of protein shake down my gullet.

I don’t really care about corporate business and their employee training practices, or lack thereof, I just want these Jamba Juice employees to think critically about the customer service aspect of things, especially when it comes to making money and growing their wealth. 

I understand Jamba Juice employees who have small minds may not give a damn whether their employer makes more or less money because they get paid the same hourly wage regardless. But if they had the values of a business-savvy Money Master, they would make sure to accommodate their customer’s wishes, if for no other reason than to practice for the day they become business owners themselves.

Jamba Juice has tip jars, right?

They might think outside the box a bit, and consider the value of a lifelong customer as opposed to losing money on a single sale.

It takes a bit of forward thinking – to grow a business, and to grow your wealth, doesn’t it? I don’t care if you work at Jamba Juice or any other “boring” hourly job. You can start applying the principles of Money Masters NOW, right where you are.

Take also the concept of discipline – that dreadful d-word. But discipline can also be fun (just ask the Fifty Shades of Gray fans).

When you’re disciplined with your money today for the sake of tomorrow’s peace, it’s fun. Because you know you’re taking care of your future schtuff. And taking care of your future schtuff can shed gallons of anxiety.

Feel me?

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