What your business can learn from a woman’s body

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

A couple days ago, my wife gave birth to our fourth daughter.

No, we will not be trying for a boy.

That’s too many rugrats.

But anyway, after a woman gives birth, the pain doesn’t really stop there. The uterus continues to contract, similar to labor pains, in order to shrink back to its pre-baby-invasion state of being.

It got me thinking about how in business, the conventional wisdom is always grow, grow, GROW!!!

Which makes sense, because more growth usually means more revenue.

Usually, but not always.

In fact I’ve read stories of business owners becoming more profitable by getting smaller – by contracting, just like a woman’s contracting uterus.

I think it’s easy in business to confuse size with revenue.

Sure, more sales may generate more revenue.

But greater “size,” such as more office locations, more employees, etc. also means more expenses, and says nothing about the net profit on your balance sheet.

I heard James Clear, who has sold over 10 million copies of his book Atomic Habits, mention in an interview with Tim Ferriss that his writing and speaking business is run by only himself and one assistant.

That’s two employees for a multi-million dollar business.

Point is, screw conventional wisdom.

You’re an entrepreneur, a creator, an innovator.

By definition, you create your own path for your life and your business, and you do it your way.

It doesn’t matter if others are saying it can’t be done.

In fact, I think contracting is the wiser path in business – be lean and mean. Contract first, maximize profits, then grow slowly.

Admittedly, being a business owner can be very hard at times. It’s not always clear which path to take, nor are the legal ramifications of your ambition always clear.

That’s why I put a lot of time and thought into the products and services I create to help my business owner clients.

Because being in business is tough – really tough – and not for the faint of heart.

But you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make money. And you don’t need to have an enormous workforce to make really, really good money.

That’s why I offer my legal services to business owners, creators, and innovators at an affordable rate that’s aimed at helping them actually improve their ambitions and make more money.

And you can even get a ton of value, for free, just by subscribing to my daily email list, where I give all types of tips and tricks for making more money the legal way.

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