Why Drake don’t take naps

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

Drake says in one of his lyrics:

“I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached, to go and do that.”

I like Drake and get the point of rap lyircs and bravado and all that.

And I doubt Drake actually never takes naps (remember that other song where he did half a Xan and was out like a light?).

But implicitly, it can mislead you into getting the wrong idea about what actually creates success and wealth.

It reminds me of when I used to be on Instagram and there were a bunch of wannabes and braggarts and hustle-porn-purveyors with their shirts off pushing extreme ideals like working 24/7 and #alwayshustlin and stupid shit like that.

Just do a google search on the value of sleep on your productivity, or for a list of successful people who took naps every day, and be thou convinced.

Not to mention, my two-week old infant kept me and my wife up all night, so I will definitely be taking a nap today.

And I guess my real point is that you shouldn’t let rappers or your naysaying friends or family or the meatheads on social media say things to you that you then internalize and begin acting on without giving it a good ol’ dose of critical thinking first.

A good business owner is not above (legitimate) feedback or criticism.

To the contrary, he becomes an expert at curating the people, books, messages, people he follows on social media (if that’s your thing), etc. so that he is putting the right messages at the forefront of his mind.

God knows there’s enough bullshit floating around out there.

Virtually anyone and everyone will tell you what they think – would love to share their thoughts with you.

And likely, your own internal thoughts have some patterns that need straightening out.

And sometimes these people aren’t even around anymore, but their words still live in your head, like stupid things your parents told you when you were young or something your bitchy ex-wife always said to you that made you feel small.

What to do?

First, become deeply, gravely, obsessively aware of the power of your thoughts, and the “mental tapes” you have playing inside your mind.

Then, don’t be all hard on yourself when you start becoming aware of the messages that are appearing there – awareness is the first step.

Once you’re aware of it, see it for what it is, how ridiculous and untrue and damaging it is to your success.

Then, start replacing those thoughts with the stuff you need to focus on to keep persevering, learning, taking action, and pushing on toward your goals.

Your thoughts are the nascent stages of your actions, so make sure they are good, pure, true, ambitious, positive, and confident.

Your mind is a muscle, so just start small. Work at this day in and day out. And you will see change and growth begin to manifest in your business and personal life.

Mindset is just one of the many ancillary things I help my clients with.

If you’re into this type of stuff and want more like it, I write about mindset and many other topics in my daily emails.

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