You cannot squeeze this from my loins

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

On Sunday, I celebrated father’s day with my kids just by hanging out in the living room, eating food, and watching stupid videos together.

I’m happy dads get a day of recognition too, like the moms do.

I think moms as a group are overrated and get a heavy-handed dose of praise, since dads are the ones who usually go to prison.

Just because moms get stuck with the kids when dad gets sketchy, that doesn’t mean she’s a good mom.

But anyway.

The whole father’s day thing got me thinking about being a dad, and what my role is.

I’m of the antiquated mindset that a man should take care of his family.

Maybe it was my stringent religious upbringing, the ideals of which I’ve mostly forsaken, but for whatever reason I still think the man is to blame when shit hits the fan (most wives agree).

Just look at laws of nature: men are bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than women.

We are built with the raw materials to protect, as well as to go out and make shit happen for the family.

Now, the woke scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists amongst us may say these are biological factors that once served a purpose, but are no longer needed in light of today’s technological advances.

To which I respond: evolution has not yet squeezed the testosterone from my loins, nor does it seem likely to do so anytime soon, so I imagine it’s still good for something.

And also, what if the zombie apocalypse or a meteor shower or an alien from outer space wipes out our grid and we’re forced to start from scratch again?

These biological programmings within me will all of a sudden come in handy again.

And the way I see it, my biological engineering has some in-dwelt superpowers good for the world in the here and now.

Problem is, a lot of men use their strength to take what doesn’t belong to them, and to destroy rather than to build.

As men, we must use our manly powers for good and not for evil.

For me, and for my clients, that means doing the best we can – particularly in business and financial management – to protect our families and help them thrive.

This includes all types of subjects, from insurance, estate planning, and business planning.

And if that sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone.

But no way in hell does being a man who loves and cares for his family mean being perfect.

Perfect is for pretty boys obsessed with their own egos.

All you need to do, is to keep your intentions pure, and keep taking daily actions to make shit happen.

Some days will be better than others, and that’s ok.

One easy step you can take to help fortify your business, finances, and family stability, is to sign up for my monthly subscription.

For the low cost of $97 per month, you can call on me to be your legal guide to help you make the best possible decisions when it comes to protecting and providing for your family.

I can help you with estate planning, business planning, and serve as a general sounding board for you to bounce off new ideas.

Remember: there was never a king without his counselor.

And at this price point, it’ll help your bottom line stay lean and mean.

If you’re interested, you’ll have to just sign up for my email list first, which you can do right here:

Paul Denni

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