Burn Injury Lawyer – Get Compensated for Your Burn Injuries

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

A burn injury lawyer can help you get compensated for the medical bills, pain, suffering, and other consequences you have suffered due to your burn injury. For immediate help, call us at 949-973-6478.

Can a Burn Injury Lawyer Help Me?

burn injury lawyer
Attorney Paul J. Denni

Receiving a burn injury can be an extremely painful and stressful incident to cope with. Often, when you receive a physical injury such as a terrible burn on your body, the cause of your injury was the result of the negligence of another person, your employer, or from equipment that should have been designed to keep you safe.

A burn injury lawyer can help you get compensated for your injuries in court by finding those responsible for your injury and holding them accountable where they have failed to honor their duty to keep you safe from harm. Whether you were injured at work, school, or at another person’s home, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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For Which Types of Accidents Can I Receive Help?

There are many different situations that may have caused you to suffer a burn injury. You may have been injured:

  • In a hospital, due to faulty equipment or the medical negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other hospital staff.
  • At work, due to defective, poorly maintained, or negligently operated equipment.
  • At another’s home, as a result of the homeowner’s negligence.
  • In a car accident.

In all of the situations above, as well as in many others, a burn injury lawyer can help you get compensated for your suffering. Just contact us by clicking the red Free Consultation button below.

For Which Types of Bills Can I Recover Money?

A burn injury can result in all types of unexpected costs. Legally, as a burn victim suffering from the wrongdoing of another, you are entitled to receive compensation for all reasonably foreseeable expenses that resulted from the defendant’s wrongful conduct. This can include costs you incurred from:

  • your hospital stay
  • prescriptions
  • physical therapy and psychotherapy
  • the pain and suffering you experienced
  • surgeries
  • past, current, and ongoing medical treatments
  • lost wages due to absence from work
  • lost wages due to the inability to work in the future

If money you have paid in the past or might have to pay in the future was foreseeable and causally connected to the defendant’s wrongdoing, you are legally entitled to be compensated from the defendant for those bills and costs.

Is it Too Late to Recover for Burn Injuries?

In a personal injury action, you only have a limited time to seek recovery for the injuries you received.

The law recognizes it would be unfair to allow anyone to bring a lawsuit against another if too much time has lapsed since the injury. This is known as the statute of limitations, which varies in length between different states and for different causes of action.

In California, the statute of limitations for a burn injury is usually two years from the date of your injury. However, in the case where the wrongdoer was a medical professional, the statute of limitations is one year.

How Much Does a Burn Injury Lawyer Cost?

After you have received a burn injury you may suddenly be met with a host of exorbitant medical bills for surgeries, hospital care, prescriptions, therapy, and other medical needs. The last you thing you want to worry about is finding money to pay for a burn injury lawyer.

We only get paid if we win your case! This means no upfront cost to you – we get paid based on an agreed upon percentage before we represent you. We provide compassionate and caring injury lawyers to fight for all you deserve.

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