A simple wealth-building formula you can implement today

Attorney Paul Denni

Attorney Paul Denni

I’ve read a lot of books about wealth.

I’ve met a lot of wealthy people.

I, myself, am becoming more and more wealthy with each passing day.

And what bugs me is all the gurus out there with their shirts off on instasuck and knit-twitter telling you they have “the secret” to becoming wealthy overnight.

Because, as your intuition may tell you, that stuff is all a bunch of B.S.

There is no “secret” to becoming wealthy.

And those who have mastered true wealth building aren’t likely to be bloviating on social media about it, unless they have some other psychological problems going on.

Wealth building is a simple formula: earn more than you spend, save the difference, and invest a portion of that savings that you don’t keep handy for emergency cash flow.

That’s it.

So why aren’t more people building wealth?

And why aren’t they building it more quickly?

I think it’s because of the execution factor: knowing what to do, and actually doing it, are two different things.

But you don’t have to be smart, have a college degree, have rich parents, be born a certain color, be born in a certain country, or have connections to become wealthy.

You just have to have the discipline and tenacity to spend less than you earn, save, and invest.

People of all types of different colors, backgrounds, ethnicities, and opportunities are becoming wealthy because they just stay focused on this simple wealth-building formula.

Becoming wealthy is difficult when you have too much complexity going on that distracts you from the basics.

As with any new skill you learn, you must master the basics first.

Over the years, I’ve helped clients in all types of professions with varying levels of knowledge and skill about money.

Cool thing is, whatever it is that is frustrating you in your wealth-building or in your business, someone else has figured out a solution already.

The answer is attainable, and whether your question is legal or financial or technological, I can help you find a solution to the thing that is keeping you stuck.

In my Wealthy Man program, you’ll have unlimited access to me via text and email, and 4 phone calls per month.

And if you think it sucks or it hasn’t helped you, you can cancel at anytime.

But I’m fully confident that even if you sign up for just one month, you’ll see the benefits right away and want to stick around for a while.

But if you want access, you’ll have to sign up for my daily emails first.

Here’s the link to sign up:

Paul Denni

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