The secrets behind creating stuff people grow to love with rabid devotion

I recently discovered a little gem of a documentary on the origin of video games as we know and love ’em. If this kind of thing wets your willy, I highly recommend “High Score” on Netflix. For the artists, writers, and business owners out there, it serves up some great insights and perspective on the […]

Get more business momentum

I preach and shout about the power of attention, only because I realize its delicious effects in my own life. The personality tests I’ve taken corroborate the observations I’ve made of my behavior over time: I am inclined to be a creator and innovator, the mad-scientist type with a messy desk pushing the envelope to […]

How to Summon the Power of Creativity

Sometimes you hear a song that captures and expresses your exact mood. Or you read something that perfectly crystalizes your nebulous thoughts and brings clarity to a nagging problem you’ve had. If you’re like me, moments like these may a stir a desire within you to find and harness that seemingly mystical power of creativity. […]

Keep your passion, but do this first

There are fewer hotly debated mantras amongst creators than: “Do what you love, and the money will follow.” It’s catchy, and it’s persuasive, particularly for the guy who is passionate about his art, his business, or his craft. And it’s an attractive concept for the guy who desperately wants, more than anything, to make money […]

A lesson from a man who cheated on his wife

I recently watched a Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man achieved great success in the domains of bodybuilding, Hollywood, and politics. Becoming a champion athlete, blockbuster actor, and twice-elected governor of California, the man really epitomized success. His secret? He says he was always good at clearly envisioning what he wanted his life to […]

Denni on Denni

I recently finished reading Burton on Burton, a collection of interviews given by film director Tim Burton. I’ve been a fan of his movies for a while. Particularly Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Edward Scissorhands impacted me as a kid. You get to wondering what makes a person like that tick. A few years back, while […]

Why being original is irrelevant to your creativity

If you’re anything like me, you get a little rush when you create something new. It could be something simple, like a little sketch you drew, or a business idea. But your desire to create runs deep in your bones. And you can see how creativity comes naturally, even to children. Sadly, as some of […]